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[NETWORKING EVENT] Entering China Market -
With “Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2023”
at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

On 21st December, the Networking Event Entering China Market – With “Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2023” was held with the participation of startups, tech projects, innovation departments, accelerators, and investors. The event was organized by Wiziin Inc. and GITP Asia, with appreciative support from our venue partner: Sunwah Innovation Center – Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Raffles Chan – CEO of GITP.ASIA – also our speaker shared his case study and the latest updated perspectives to learn, troubleshoot, discuss, and capture the pivotal practices in expanding to this market.

The keynote speech discussed how the global entrepreneurship competition in 2023 could be a great entry point into this market. In other say, this is a fantastic occasion for any startup wanting to expand in China, especially those looking for local partners and investors.