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Signup Before : June, 17th 2021 | 22:30 Beijing time
Activity values
  • 6 Competitions 
  • 6 Fields
  • Total of 100 million Chinese yuan prizes for total of 140 winners
Participating Requirements

You can choose to compete in the name of an individual or a team. For a project declared in the name of a team, the team can have up to 3 individuals, each participant can only participate in one project. Project with or without company registration all are welcome to sign up. It’s a fully virtual event and free for registration.

  • Tech Project with or without company registration is welcome to sign up, if you are individual with a tech project just leave all the company info empty.
  • You’re required to download the registration form below, fill up and submit together with a Business Plan OR a pitch deck (ppt/pdf) with not less than 10 pages in less than 30MB size
Supported Partners
  • Gold Ventures Investments – Israel 
  • Marquee Group (Connext) – Indonesia 
  • Technology Park Malaysia – Malaysia 
  • BETA Foundation – Malaysia 
  • Arccspaces – Ecosystem Partner 
  • INIC & INCC – Iran 
  • PINTAS & AIPO – Southeast Asia
  • Ed-Innovation – Russia and more …
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