2023 Hangzhou Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition For Overseas Talents

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Russia-China Tech Collaborations

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Big thanks to Dr.Filip and my amazing friend Igor for supporting me so much. Words cannot describe how grateful I feel for everything that you’ve done for GITP.
Had a very productive meeting with person in charge of Skolkovo and feeling great that I will come back again to be part of the Startup Village 2024 within 30th & 31st of May. GITP will be holding a satellite event at Startup Village 2024. Those who like to come along with us, please feel free to contact me for the free event ticket.

Startup Village is a conference centered around innovation and entrepreneurship. It covers various topics such as neural networks, smart cities, creative business, NFT, biohacking, and cybersecurity. The event draws a large number of participants, showcases notable speakers, and provides networking chances with investors. Up to 10,000 participants , 350 speakers from up to 13 countries , 100 investors in Invest Hub.

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