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Distributor/Agent Search

Simply tell us your target market and parties, fill up the information form provided by our team, as well as any information and description you provide about how you prefer to work with your clients and partners, the more details you can give us about your target agent/distributor, the faster we will be able to find them for you.

We then approach the companies with your profile in hand. We call them in the local language, get through to the right decision maker, and send your profile and follow-up to see whether he or she is interested in an appointment. In our calls/texts we also check whether the company really fits your needs.

This results in a short-list of mostly three to five companies.We represent your company, coordinate and liaise with the potential targeted clients and partners on behalf and deliver the faster local connectivity, understand the challenges and advise you about the steps and sequence about how to accelerate your business in a much more suitable way.