Seminar: Deep Dive Into Startup Market Opportunities in China

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Event Date: 2024-03-06
Time: 14:30

Expressing gratitude to Sasin School of Management for supporting GITP by hosting this event

Join us for a deep dive into China’s dynamic market at the “Deep Dive into Startup Market Opportunities in China” seminar, presented by Sasin School of Management & Global Innovation & Technology Platform (GITP).

📅 Date: Mar 6, 2024 | 📍 Venue: TK Hall, Sasin

– Insights into China’s startup ecosystem & market trends.
– Overview of HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2024.
– Discussions on technology disruptions & innovation in China.

Speakers: Industry experts including Raffles Chan (CEO, GITP), Kanokporn Nithitiphrut (CEO, Durio Innovation), Nopparuj Tanapattarachaitat, (MD of Durrianar BySQ) And many more esteemed panelists and moderators.

Don’t miss this chance to network and gain valuable insights to elevate your startup!

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