Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2024

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StartingDate: December 15
Deadline: February 29

About HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Imagine your startup taking center stage in a dynamic city that’s a breeding ground for 93 unicorn companies. The HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition is not just any competition; it’s a golden opportunity for startups like yours. With a staggering prize fund of over 11 million USD and open to a wide range of sectors including AI, healthcare, and new technologies, your innovative ideas have the perfect platform to shine.

Attention all groundbreaking tech startups in the early or growth phase, from every corner of the world: this is your call to action!

🗓 Exciting Competition Timeline Ahead During the application process, we’re dedicated to working closely with promising startups, helping to polish applications and gather comprehensive insights.

If your startup is ready to make a global impact and eager to dive into one of the most significant and prestigious entrepreneurship contests globally, the time to act is now!

This competition is about more than just the seven main fields. Even if your startup’s specialty isn’t listed, we encourage you to apply. Our judges are looking forward to discovering innovative ventures from a variety of sectors. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary journey!

Competition Tracks

1️⃣ AI/VR/FinTech
2️⃣ Medicine & Health
3️⃣ New Generation IT
4️⃣ High-End Equipment Manufacturing
5️⃣ Cultural Innovation
6️⃣ Agriculture Technology/Food Technology
7️⃣ New Energy/Materials/Environmental Protection

Program Benefits

💰 Massive Prize Pool: Over USD 11 million
💰 7 x First Prize: 300,000 USD (2 Million  ¥)
💰 21 x Second Prize: 150,000 USD (1 Million  ¥)
💰 42 x Third Prize: 75,000 USD (500,000  ¥)
💰 70 x Additional Winning Prize: 30,000 USD (200,000  ¥)

In addition to the cash prices all participating startups who get into the preliminary round can benefit from:
✅ Investor matchmaking
✅ PoC/MVP introductions
✅ Pitch training;
✅ Mentorship
✅ Media exposure
✅ Visa support
✅ Company setup support

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Overview of the 2024 Global Entrepreneurship Competition
The 2024 Global Entrepreneurship Competition, organized by HICOOL & supported by GITP.Asia, is a distinguished event attracting entrepreneurs globally. Set in Beijing, this competition ranks among the world's largest and most rewarding entrepreneurial challenges.
Competition Tracks
Participants can choose from seven innovative tracks: - AI/VR/FinTech - Medicine & Health - New Generation IT - High-End Equipment Manufacturing - Cultural Innovation - Agriculture Technology/Food Technology - New Energy/Materials/Environmental Protection
Funding and Prize Details
The competition boasts a substantial funding pool of 4 Billion RMB, distributing a total of 100 million RMB in prizes among 140 winners.
Event Location & Description
The 2024 Global Entrepreneurship Competition will be hosted in Beijing, the dynamic and vibrant capital of China. Known for its role as a pivotal center in the Startup Economy, Beijing offers an engaging and inspiring backdrop for this prestigious event. Additionally, the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurs Summit 2024 is scheduled to take place tentatively in Beijing towards the end of August, further enriching the entrepreneurial atmosphere during this period.
Key Competition Dates
- Registration closes on or before February 29 - Preliminary Rounds: May to June - Semi-Finals: July - Finals: August
Registration Guidelines
To register, prospective participants should visit GITP.Asia Events on the official website for detailed information and the registration process.
Participant Eligibility
The competition is inclusive, welcoming entrepreneurs from around the globe interested in the aforementioned tracks and who meet the set eligibility criteria.
Participant Requirements
Prospective entrants are encouraged to consult the official website for comprehensive eligibility criteria and specific requirements tailored to each track.
Support and Resources for Participants
GITP.Asia ensures participant support through various resources such as mentorship, workshops, and networking opportunities, details of which are available on the competition's website and through official communications.
Team and Individual Participation
The competition is open to both individual entrepreneurs and teams. Detailed rules regarding team participation, including size and composition, are available on the competition's registration webpage.
Could you provide details on the different prizes available?
The competition offers a tiered prize structure. The grand prize, awarded to seven winners, is 2 million Chinese yuan each. There are 14 second prizes, each amounting to 1 million Chinese yuan, and 28 third prizes, each being 500,000 Chinese yuan. Additionally, there are 70 fourth prizes, with each winner receiving 200,000 Chinese yuan.
If my technology project does not fit any of the listed categories, am I still eligible to participate in the competition?*
Yes, participants with projects not fitting into the predefined categories are welcome. You can either select the most relevant category or specify 'Other' during your application process.
Are there any alternative opportunities or similar programs available if I do not win this competition?
Certainly. Participants who do not secure a win in this competition are invited to join other programs or competitions organized by GITP. This approach ensures that all participants have ample opportunities to advance their technology endeavors in China.
Does GITP offer support for guidance and additional services for entering the Chinese market?
GITP provides a comprehensive range of services for tech startups and SMEs looking to enter the Chinese market. These services include business matchmaking, translation, tech project analysis, market analysis, strategic planning, and more. We are committed to facilitating your business establishment in China and are available to address any queries.
Can GITP assist in setting up a company and operations in China? I understand GITP has several offices across the country
Yes, GITP is well-equipped to assist tech startups looking to establish a presence in China. With our offices in various cities, we offer services such as office space allocation, HR talent acquisition, intellectual property management, and more. Our team is ready to provide the necessary support for your company's establishment and operations in China.
As an individual in the early stages of developing a tech project, without a formally established company, am I eligible to participate in the competition?
Yes, individuals, even those at the ideation or early project stage, are welcome to participate in the competition. Eligibility extends to those who are at least 21 years old, possess a technology-based idea or project, and have an interest in exploring opportunities within the Chinese market. This inclusivity ensures that even nascent innovators have the opportunity to present their ideas and gain valuable insights and support.

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