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StartingDate: 1 March 2024
Deadline: 15 May 2024

Warm Greetings from GITP Asia!
It is with great excitement that we announce the 2024 edition of the Hangzhou Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents. This prestigious event is more than a competition; it is a gateway to unparalleled opportunities, designed to unite a wealth of innovation and entrepreneurship resources, including access to policies, funding, industry connections, markets, and beyond. Our mission is to draw in the world’s finest overseas talent and foster the growth of international projects in the vibrant city of Hangzhou.

This year, we’re raising the stakes with cash prizes amounting to RMB 370,000,

reinforcing our dedication to enrich the innovation ecosystem and propel Hangzhou to the forefront of China’s digital economy. Our investment is not just financial; it’s a commitment to nurturing innovation and steering Hangzhou towards becoming a beacon of digital advancement.

Eligibility Criteria for Participants:

  1. Age below 55 years.
  2. Possession of a Master’s or PhD degree.
  3. Foreign companies or individuals residing outside of Mainland China, with participants from Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong encouraged to apply.
  4. Projects showcasing substantial innovation within the competition’s scope.
  5. A keen interest in commercializing and implementing projects within China.
  6. No prior participation in this competition’s previous editions.
  7. Opportunity to vie for the Hangzhou Overseas Hundred Talent Grant, offering rewards up to 10 million yuan.

The registration deadline is set for 15th May 2024.

We encourage early submissions to ensure a smooth processing of applications. The competition timeline is as follows: screening sessions from July to August 2024, preliminary rounds in August to September, semi-finals in October, and the grand finals in November 2024. Note that preliminary and semi-final rounds will be conducted virtually, with finalists sponsored and invited to Hangzhou for an exclusive pitching and business matchmaking session.

Why Connect with GITP?

GITP stands as a beacon of global partnership, offering you doorways not just to China but to expansive market opportunities across Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, South Africa, and beyond. Our services extend to international market access, market and technology analysis, intellectual property application support, and co-working spaces in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. With connections to hundreds of technology parks, incubators, accelerators, and technology entities worldwide, GITP is your launchpad to global innovation networks.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the Hangzhou Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents 2024?
A global competition aimed at attracting overseas startups and innovators to launch and grow their businesses in Hangzhou, focusing on digital economy and smart technology.
Who can apply for the competition?
Overseas talents under the age of 55, with a minimum of a bachelor's degree for international participants or a master's degree for Chinese participants, prior experience in technological innovation or startups, and a focus on acquiring new technologies or developing products with wide market prospects.
What are the prizes for the competition?
Prizes include one First Prize (200,000 RMB), four Second Prizes (100,000 RMB), seven Third Prizes (50,000 RMB), and several Winning Prizes (20,000 RMB).
What additional benefits do winners receive?
Beyond cash prizes, winners receive venture capital connections, business networking opportunities, startup mentorship, and significant sponsorship if they register their business in Hangzhou within one or two years after the competition.
Are there any sponsorship amounts for startups that relocate to Hangzhou?
Yes, sponsorship varies from 5,000,000 RMB for First Prize winners to 200,000 RMB for startups entering the Semi-Finals, based on their competition stage and timely business registration in Hangzhou.
What are the eligibility criteria for participation?
Participants must be under 55 years old, have a team of at least 3 members, obtained some external funding, hold the required educational qualifications, have relevant experience, and their startups must be engaged in new or emerging technologies.
What is the competition's timeline?
The competition runs from February 2024 to November 2024, with project submission closing on May 15, preliminaries in July-August, finals in early November, and the Grand Final during the Hangzhou International Human Resource Exchanges and Cooperation Conference in November.
How can one apply to the competition?
Applicants need to fill in an application form, provide a project introduction in PowerPoint or PDF format, send a scanned copy of their highest degree certificate, and optionally, a project description video of more than 120 seconds.
What are the project requirements for contestants?
Contestants must submit a unique project that belongs to a high-tech or strategic emerging industry, is technologically advanced, and where the core member owns or is authorized to use the intellectual property rights.
What should the business plan include?
A detailed plan including technology application, market prospects, business strategies, funding request, team member descriptions, and a clear future development plan with business models.
Can both individuals and teams participate?
Yes, both individuals and teams with a maximum of four members are allowed to apply, but only one project submission is permitted per contestant.
What kind of projects are eligible for the competition?
Projects that are self-developed or licensed inventions, patented technologies, or concepts likely to be materialized in high-tech or strategic emerging industries.
What follow-up services are offered to winners?
Services include regular visits to understand project operation, assistance in funding applications, entrepreneurial mentorship, and customized entrepreneurship training courses.
What are the preferential policies for projects registered in Hangzhou?
Eligible projects enjoy tax cuts, housing subsidies, financial guarantees, and discount loans from the industrial park where they are located.
Can startups entering the Semi-Finals receive any benefits without winning?
Yes, these startups can enjoy various local policies without evaluation if they register in Hangzhou Oversea Talent landing program. May refer to GITP team member for more info.
What makes Hangzhou an attractive city for startups?
Known as "the Silicon Valley of China," Hangzhou offers a livable environment, favorable legal and economic conditions, and is home to tech giants like Alibaba, Geely, and NetEase.
What distinguishes this competition from others?
Its focus on digital economy and smart technology, inclusive platform co-managed by city authorities and stakeholders, and comprehensive support for overseas talents to start and grow in Hangzhou.
What support does GITP offer to startups that don't win the competition?
GITP facilitates connections to markets and industries globally through its platform, offering an acceleration program, bootcamps, and support for participation in overseas events and programs like Sushi-Tech Tokyo 2024, Startup Village 2024, and CISMEF 2024.
How can GITP help ensure my idea or technology project is protected?
GITP provides intellectual property filing services for various countries, especially in Asia, including filing with the USPTO and PCT, ensuring your innovations are protected legally across borders.
Can tech SMEs seek GITP's help for global market entry without participating in the competition?
Yes, GITP supports business landing, showcases, and promotions in many countries, offering professional services for globalization and commercialization. Interested parties can contact GITP for more information and potential partnership discussions.
For startups entering the Semi-Finals without winning, are there any specific benefits they can enjoy?
Startups reaching the Semi-Finals can benefit from various local policies under the Oversea Talent landing program without needing to win the competition. For detailed benefits, contacting a GITP team member is recommended.
How does GITP support startups in connecting to global markets?
GITP opens avenues for startups to connect with any country or market linked via their platform, facilitating business expansion and entry into new markets through their comprehensive support and services.
What kind of events and programs does GITP co-organize or support for startups?
GITP is involved in co-organizing and supporting various overseas events and programs aimed at startup growth and exposure, including but not limited to Sushi-Tech Tokyo 2024, Startup Village 2024, and CISMEF 2024.
What is the advantage of the GITP acceleration program and bootcamp?
The GITP acceleration program and bootcamp are designed to fast-track startup growth through intensive training, mentorship, and exposure to investors and markets, offering a solid foundation for startups to scale up.
How can I get in touch with GITP for more information or to discuss potential collaborations?
Startups and innovators interested in GITP's services can directly contact their team for detailed information, consultation, and discussions on potential partnerships and collaborations to leverage global market opportunities.
Is there a possibility of re-evaluation for projects that didn't win but have significant potential?
Yes, GITP provides avenues for re-evaluation and support for projects with significant potential, facilitating their access to necessary resources and markets for growth and success.
How can GITP assist in the intellectual property filing process for startups?
GITP offers comprehensive assistance in the intellectual property filing process, guiding startups through legal requirements and procedures to secure their innovations in targeted countries, especially across Asia.

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