RCEP Tech Forum 2023 - Eastbound NEXUS: Together for a Connected Future

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Event Date: 2023-12-13
Time: 13:30

🌟 RCEP Tech Forum 2023: Eastbound Nexus 🌟

Empowering the Future of Technology and Market Synergy

We are delighted to invite professionals to the Eastbound Nexus: RCEP Tech Forum 2023. This Forum serves as a pivotal platform for ASEAN tech enterprises to connect with the expanding Chinese market, fostering collaborative opportunities and a deeper understanding of market intricacies.

🔍 Key Highlights:
– Establish strategic alliances with key industry figures.
– Gain in-depth insights into the dynamics of the ASEAN and Chinese tech markets.
– Discover new avenues for business growth and market expansion.

📅 Date & Time:
December 13th, 2023
1:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Join us in shaping the future of the technology landscape in Asia. This is more than a Forum; it’s a nexus where innovation meets opportunity.

#RCEPTechForum2023 #EastboundNexus

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