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Intellectual Property Application

One-stop Intellectual Property Services

One-stop Intellectual Property Solution Plan to Safeguard Your Technology and Innovation We assist inventors, innovators, businesses and universities with insights into the creation, protection and valuation of intellectual property assets including patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain names and know-how, and illustrate how Intellectual Property Solutions GITP could help in acquiring and maximizing the value of these assets.

Ranging from identifying patentable subject matter, helping select and protect a new trademark here in China to advising on licensing, litigation and arbitration, we have the experience to guide you in acquiring, protecting and leveraging these assets and provide quality quick services.

Understanding intellectual property

Registration, protection and analysis of intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain names and patented technologies

Resource acquisition

Get these resources and maximize their value

Patent protection

Help to select and protect your patent in China by identifying the items or matters that can be patented

Offer advice

Advice on licensing, litigation and Arbitration


We provide one-stop itellectual property registration services, including patent application, material design in China, trademark application, copyright application and other services.

one stop intellectual property registration service
patent application
material design
trademark application
copyright application