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International Business Matching

International Business Matching

As a professional international business matchmaker, we offer international business matchmaking services and solutions up to 100+ cities across China. Once we review your criteria, we will then explain how we can match your business with relevant Chinese companies and organisation in your chosen market and facilitate direct, connect and coordinate on behalf for you.We would also arrange online and offline meeting with the potential clients, partners in order to bring the business discussion to a much more efficient way. 

Our approach has significant benefits over other methods of International business development such as visiting a new market as part of a general casual delegation or by participating in an expo, tech fair etc. For example – because with our unique approach each potential partner will have expressed an interest in working with you and your company specifically, based on a prior understanding of exactly what you do and how you would ideally be looking to work with them.

This is not for companies that are seeking generic research on a new market only – it is for International companies that actually want to start doing business in China. If you are planning any China business trips in the near future then let us know, even if you are planning to travel at very short notice.We will then propose an approach that will get you in front of relevant, interested potential business partners and clients as quickly as possible – you will then be able to deal with these companies and organisation directly, decide first-hand which of them is the most appropriate match for you.

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