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RaDoTech offers a groundbreaking way to monitor your health from home. In minutes, it scans your body and delivers clinically tested results to your smartphone. With RaDoTech, you'll gain insights into your health and tailor your diet and exercise routine accordingly. We've merged decades-old Japanese technology with modern electronics and cloud analytics for accurate, user-friendly health screening. Through a journey of challenges, RaDoTech has become a simple yet precise tool for anyone seeking a healthier life.


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RaDoTech offers a new way to measure your health from home. In just a few minutes, RaDoTech scans your body and sends clinically tested results straight to your smartphone, so you know what’s going on beneath the surface. With RaDoTech you’ll know how healthy you are and how to adjust your diet and workout routine to get the results you want.

RaDoTech – major break through in personal health testing and monitoring solutions.We have digitized nearly 70 years old Japan technology and combined it with modern electronics, integrated with cloud analytics solution. Accurate results and easy for personal and family health screening use with any iOS or Android device.

RaDoTech has made a long, full of obstacles and challenges, way from idea to become a real product. All challenges that we gone through allowed us to make RaDoTech simple enough for common people and families to use,  yet accurate and objective enough to provide useful and valid information that easily understood and can be applied by anyone in their daily adventure for healthy life. 

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RaDoTech RaDoTech revolutionizes home health monitoring. In minutes, it scans your body and sends clinically tested results to your smartphone. With RaDoTech, adjust your lifestyle for optimal health. Our technology blends decades-old Japanese methods with modern electronics and cloud analytics for easy, accurate health screening. View details

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