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Technology Analysis

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Technology analysis

Illustrate your competitive edge and challenges by comparing your product with relevant ones available in the market and along your vertical industry. Our analysis can help identify your opportunities across China by differentiating development status in various geographical areas, serving as reference forecast for future technology development and most suitable project launch location.

01. Technology Features 86%

Based on the technical profile provided by customers to analyze the technical characteristics, the degree of competition and advantage in the same industry

02. Technology Application 90%

Analysis of the application of the technology, in order to better develop the market

03. Development and status quo of the technology 88%

The development prospect of the technology and its application in the market are analyzed

04. Technology life cycle analysis 92%

Through the analysis of the development stage of the patented technology, and then speculate the development direction of this technology in the future

05. Development trend forecast 92%

The development trend of the patent technology is predicted