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GITP is a company specialized in inter-market transfer of technological innovations, which includes licensing and sale of intellectual property (IP) & technology commercialization. We team-up with you as technology leader in your specialty and judge the potential of your innovations in overseas markets especially in China. Then we connect you with those enterprises who are interested to adopt or collaborate with your innovations.

GITP acts as the bridge between the commercial world with different entities worldwide through engaging and facilitating open innovation strategy among commercial partners, university research teams and global industry leaders. We assist companies, SMEs and Spin-off enterprises around the world to enhance industry competitiveness and unlock the tremendous innovation, technology clusters and research organizations.

GITP is passionate about creating impact through collaborating deeply with our partners and seeking to empower those with whom we work. Innovation may contain technology but, in the end, it is a people business. Without collaboration innovation does not occur.

Alternatively, we provide you with additional revenue via sales of licenses derived from your innovations. And perhaps we unearth applications for your innovations that you did not have in mind before.


Our expertise covers a wide range of today’s high tech industry branches and our network spans across globally with strong ties in Southeast Asia, Europe and more. We are experts in technology assessment and high-tech product marketing. We help you overcome the barriers that exist between the markets in the form of different cultural approaches, languages and business matters.

The partnership will cooperate to promote cross-border technology adoption and commercialization, and enables enterprises to grow their business through technology and innovation. We support companies to source for technologies locally and abroad through its open innovation platforms and global network of technology partners to facilitate technology partnerships that bring new and innovative products and services to the market.